Thank you for your interest in Political Studies Review. We are looking forward to getting your book review published. But first, please read the PSR Book Review Guidelines as they are designed to help authors when writing a book review for Political Studies Review.

Download a pdf document with the guidelines or read it below.

Commissioned book reviews’ examples: example 1, example 2.


  • PSR publishes book reviews of recent volumes on cutting-edge topics on an ad hoc basis.
  • We invite readers to propose books for potential review. Proposals should detail why the book is potentially important and to whom it will appeal.*
  • Proposals are not guaranteed to be accepted. All proposals must be approved by the editorial team and may be subject to the supply of the book by the publisher.
  • Book reviews may also be commissioned by the PSR editors.
  • We actively encourage reviews from early career researchers and PhD students.
  • We do not accept non-commissioned reviews.
  • We do not provide book reviewers with book copies.
  • In order to help promote diversity amongst our reviewers, we normally only accept one review per person per year.
  • Book reviews are published online only.

* We no longer manage a list of books to be reviewed.


  • A book review proposal should be submitted via this online form. If you are not able to fill in the form contact us at
  • All proposals will be looked at and considered by the Editorial Team members. The whole process can take up to 4 weeks.
  • Once accepted the review should be submitted on-line to our editorial system, ScholarOne, along with a short biography, on or before your deadline.
  • Please include the full publication details of the book under review in your submission. If the review is not submitted by the deadline, it will not be published.
  • We usually expect to receive a review no later than 8 weeks following the proposal acceptance.
  • Submitted book reviews will be reviewed by the PSR editorial team.
  • You will then be sent feedback. You will be given the opportunity to respond to feedback and comments and to make any necessary edits before a final version is approved for publication.
  • All suggested changes will always be agreed with you before publishing.
  • PSR Editors maintain the right to reject book reviews that do not meet PSR standards of quality or are not submitted by the deadline.
  • Once a book review is accepted, you will be notified and your review will be submitted to our publishers at SAGE. You will then receive communication from SAGE regarding a proof and publishing license options.
  • Please stick to your deadline as closely as possible. If you are struggling to meet the agreed date, please contact PSR to


  • Single book reviews should be no longer than 800 words.
  • Book reviews may cover up to three books. If a book review covers more than one book, the book selection should be coherent, and the discussion provided in the review should be transversal across the main themes of the selected books. Reviews of more than one book may be up to 1,000 words.
  • The review should provide a critical, fair, and objective discussion of the book(s) that goes beyond a chapter-by-chapter description. The review should discuss the main arguments of the book(s) and assess its contribution to the discipline and any potential areas for improvement. Agreeing or disagreeing with the thesis presented in the book is fine as long as it is supported by a solid argument.


  • Our goal is to increase engagement with the field of political science via our book review series. Therefore, your review should be written with a wide audience in mind, including students, academics, policymakers, members of the media, and the general public.
  • Please write in full paragraphs (no bullet points).
  • Try to restrict the number of integral quotes to the bare minimum. Information about formatting can be found here.
  • Your review should be copy-edited and proofread before submission to enhance readability, minimise typographical errors, and ensure factual accuracy.


LSE Review of Books provides useful recommendations and tips for first-time reviewers. You can consult them there.

If you have any additional questions please contact us at