Podcast #15: Normativity in Realist Legitimacy – Ben Cross

“Proponents of realist theories of legitimacy genuinely think that legitimacy is a normative concept. They also hold that their judgments about legitimacy are not instances of applied morality. But if so, how do their judgments about legitimacy, acquire normative force?” asks Ben Cross. In this episode, the author discusses applied morality and political legitimacy: listen about ‘concessive realism’ and ‘naturalist realism’ in the light of political practice.

A podcast is based on a PSR article: Normativity in Realist Legitimacy by Ben Cross.

More: Cross B (202), Normativity in Realist Legitimacy, Political Studies Review 2021, Vol. 19(3) 450–463

Ben Cross is a postdoctoral research fellow in the School of Philosophy at Wuhan University. His research interests include political realism, legitimacy, and critical theory.


Dr Eliza Kania, Brunel University London