The Best Paper Award 2022 – the winner

We are happy to announce that the PSR Best Paper Award for 2022 goes to Stephanie Stark and Dr Sofía Collignon for their PSR research article: Sexual Predators in Contest for Public Office: How the American Electorate Responds to News of Allegations of Candidates Committing Sexual Assault and Harassment.

The article analyses the effect that allegations of sexual assault or harassment have on the electoral success of American politicians. The authors write: “Using an original survey experiment, we find that, on average, American citizens are less likely to support a candidate accused of sexual assault or sexual harassment. However, not all voters do so to the same magnitude. We find that Democrats are significantly less likely to support a candidate that faces such allegations. Republicans do not strongly penalize candidates facing allegations of sexual assault or harassment, especially if the candidate is identified as a Republican.”

Let’s bring up some stats about the winning article:

  • The article has reached a record-breaking number of downloads and reads: 63 204.
  • The research was also featured in GB News: