The Best Paper Award 2023: the winner

We are happy to announce that the PSR Best Paper Award for 2023 goes to Dr Svenja Krauss (University of Vienna) and Dr Sarah Wagner (University of Mannheim) for their PSR research article: Take the Streets or Take the Parliament? Political Participation Choices of Radical Left Individuals.

Do people on the radical left spectrum tend to take their political action to the streets instead of the ballot box? This is the question Krauss and Wagner answer in their awarded article.  The authors write: “Voters across Europe have become increasingly polarised on both ends of the political spectrum in the last decade. While radical right parties were able to mobilise voters on their salient topics, radical left parties were only sporadically successful. In this article, we analyse why radical left parties fail to benefit from increasing polarisation by examining their potential voter base. (…) Our hypotheses are put to an empirical test by relying on data from the European Social Survey. We include respondents from 17 Western European countries from five rounds of the European Social Survey. The results have important implications for our understanding of the demand side of the political extremism wave.”

Sincere congratulations to the winners!

Five articles have been shortlisted for The Best Paper Award 2023 (in alphabetical order):